How much is my house worth?

What are the advantages of doing GO! with Zome?

Como funciona o Zome GO!?

Ao clicar GO!  vais ter acesso a um processo mais simples, mais rápido e com os melhores resultados, com uma experiência 100% digital!

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Posicionar corretamente o imóvel no mercado
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Digitalização e aceleração do processo de venda
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Melhor experiência e resultados

01 - Positioning the property correctly in the market

The characteristics of your home will be automatically entered for comparison with Portugal's largest real estate database, cross-referencing information from over 2.5 million registered properties that are or have recently been on the market and previous sales history.

By clicking "GO" you will simultaneously benefit from the latest big data technology, artificial intelligence, and the market knowledge of our expert consultants, in a simple way.

By setting the correct value of your property you are ensuring that it will "compete" with similar properties and will be registered in the correct value range on the various real estate portals. Setting a value that is too high will cause your property to be "competing" with properties with other characteristics and of a different positioning, thus hurting the chances of selling.


02 - Digitalization and acceleration of the sales process

The data from your home will be automatically integrated with our case management platform, making the process digital from the very first minute.

Besides the digital integration allowing for a reliable market study in record time, the computerization of this information will speed up all the following stages of the process, avoiding duplication of tasks and speeding up the process.

This will allow our consultants to provide you with a much closer and more effective follow-up, and to focus on the tasks that are fundamental to the successful sale of your home.


03 - Better experience and results

Just as important as getting the best sale value for your home is the experience we can give you below.

The analytical rigor, the simplification and speed of processes, and the personalized follow-up are the guarantee of a unique real estate experience in the market, which will surely make you feel happier.

The value of your home is just the first step, in a usually complex process, that by starting by clicking GO guarantees you a 100% digital experience, simpler, faster, and with better results.